Soap Flower Arrangements

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  • Wheelbarrow Planter With Brickwork Effect

    Wheelbarrow Planter With Brickwork Effect

    These beautiful wheelbarrows measure 31.5 cm in length. We have added 10 different soap flowers to each arrangement. Each arrangement may vary, these will include: Roses, carnations, mini sunflowers and hyacinth beans. Leaves and foliage are plastic for decoration of arrangement only, can't be used in bath.
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Soap Flower Gifts 
Each one will be slightly different as we hand craft the bouquets and baskets ourselves.
The flowers and baskets are bought in and we enjoy making them. Hope you like them too. These make a beautiful gift for any occasion. A lovely floral design. The flowers themselves can then be dropped into warm water to soften and add colour in a relaxing bath.
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We wouldn't advise to use in bath if you have sensitive skin
The company we buy the flowers from only use companies who don't test
on animals. They are huge animal lovers like ourselves.